Since 1914, the grounds that are a part of Red Squirrel Campsite have been used for camping.
For well over a century campers have been coming to visit the highlands
to experience nature at its finest!
Red Squirrel campsite was founded by Hugh MacColl and has been thriving ever since.


Please call ahead if you have any questions regarding the cost of staying at Red Squirrel, please note we only accept cash payments.

Red squirrel campsite closing between 1st Nov 2019 to end Feb 2020.
Large group, summer enquires during November and February use letter and telephone leaving clear telephone numbers.
Open again in March 2020. Sorry for any inconvenience.


£1250person per night

Groups (over 25 people)

£1100person per night

Children (under 12)

£200person per night

Forces & Charities

£1000person per night

Climbers, canoeists, walkers, families and all those who love camping are very welcome.

Motorhomes, caravanettes, horse and carts, tents, large size tents with few occupants will be charged extra.

Please note no motorhomes will be permitted to stay on bank holiday weekends.

We have a sea pier approximately two and a half miles away.

River Coe runs by the site ,and many people swim in it at their own risk.

Fee for electric charger points for mobiles etc in the office.

We don’t have electric hook ups for vehicles, but if it is not required you are welcome.

Well behaved pets are welcome, do clean up after them. Livestock area so dogs under control please.

In winter and spring deer, foxes, wild ducks, woodpeckers, wander on the site. Remember you are visiting their home!

Campfires responsible use of them is required. Use only already existing fire spots. ALL FIRES MUST BE PUT OUT BY 11PM.
Any you wish to make, may be in the gullies or river bed. Ask at the office first please, Clean them away before leaving, thank you.

Fishing permits £10 for 5 hours day time only.

After using showers or other facilities leave all clean for the next guest, thank you.

If no staff is available when you arrive you may move in and pay on first sight of staff in the office, or at 4 pm.

We check all cars and tents during the night.

You stay on our site at your own risk. We all try very hard to make your holiday a good experience in spite of site rules.

Special rates for Groups of 25 persons. £11 e.p.n.

£10 e.p.n for forces men or women, and for Children’s charities.

This is an unguarded site. Wardens do try to keep an eye on everything any abuse of staff will be treated very seriously.


Our Philosophy is that we spend far too much time with technology and working and as a result, we have lost something core to being a human. We want to give you the opportunity to leave that all behind and return to our natural state, back with mother nature.

Fishing permits £10 for 5 hours. (day time only)


Got a question? We’ve got answers. If you have any other questions regarding your stay at Red Squirrel then either contact us via our contact page or give us a call on 01855 811256.

Do you allow parties?2019-01-24T15:43:22+00:00

Yes! We want you to have a great time. We only ask that you call or email in advance as well as respect the rules of the campsite as to not to disturb other campers.

Can we make our own fires?2019-01-24T15:42:33+00:00

Campfires are what camping is all about! We have provided gullies for you to make fires in, this is in order to leave the campsite as you found it, as well as respecting future campers.

Can we pay with card?2019-01-24T15:41:38+00:00

We do not accept any sort of electronic payment methods at this time. If there is a high enough demand for it we will consider it a possibility but as for now we do not.

Where can we book?2019-01-24T15:40:01+00:00

We have a lot of land, and as a result, if your group is less than 20 people, you can simply turn up. During the summer we can get busy, so any announcements about availability will be posted on Facebook.

Do you have electric hook ups?2019-01-24T15:34:53+00:00

We currently don’t have electric hook-ups, we are looking to implement these but it is not available at the moment. We do offer charging for devices such as mobile phones etc for a small fee of £1, Please enquire about this at our site office.